2018 marks the start of our sensational new initiative

The Trustees of Haste and Haste Academy unanimously voted to devote time and resources into provision of high quality X-Ray Cardiac CT scanning for the purposes of early diagnosis and screening of Ischaemic Heart Disease.

We will shortly be launching our Scan Appeal


As the project progresses we will post details of how the Charity and its not-for-profit wholly owned subsidiary HASTE MEDICAL Ltd will be developing a service and training brand of its own.

Our ambitions for the CT project are in part due to some of the Cardiologist Trustee experiences as early adopters of using Cardiac CT Angiography (CTCA) in Guildford over the past 15 years - recently written up by our team (see https://openheart.bmj.com/content/5/2/e000817).


The authors have published the methods used to assist other District Hospitals in setting up their own diagnostic CTCA service and based on their experience in Surrey will be launching a new Diagnostic service for GPs in 2019 called HASTESCAN™.

The request forms and Nurse Check lists for the protocol we used to achieve these results are downloadable HERE.